Please find our Policy Documents Below.

1_1 Childrens rights and entitlements
1_2 Safeguarding children and child protection
1_3 Looked after children
1_4 Uncollected child

1_5 Missing child



2_2 Student placements
3_1_induction_of employees and volunteers
3_2 First aid

4_1 The role of the key person and settling in

5_1 Staffing group provision

6_1 Administering medicines

6_2 Managing children who are sick or infectious or with allergies

6_3Recording and reporting of accidents and incidents

6_4 Nappy changing

6_5 Food and drink

6_6 Food hygiene

6_7 Basic kitchen opening and closing checks

6_8 Individual health plan

7_1 Promoting positive behaviour

8_1 Health and safety general standards

8_2 Maintaining childrens safety and security on premises

8_3 Supervision of children on outings

8_4 Risk assessment

8_5 Fire safety and emergency evacuation

8_6 Animals in the setting

8_7 No smoking

8_8 Health and safety risk assessment

9_1 Valuing diversity and promoting equality

9_2 Supporting children with Sen

9_3 Social wellbeing audit

9_4 Access audit

9_5 British values

10_1 Early Years Prospectus

10_2 Admissions

10_3 Application to join

10_4 Registration form

10_5 Parental involvement

10_6 Childrens records

10_7 Providers records

10_8 Transfer of records to school

10_9 Confidentiality and client access to records

10_10 Information sharing

10_11 Working in partnership with other agencies

10_12 Making a complaint

10_13 Childcare-terms-and-conditions

10_14 Notification of leaving form